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Our Mission

We are a group of cycling enthusiasts, commuters and racers united by a common love of riding bikes. Our mission is to support all New Haven riders and to help build a strong cycling community by providing varied riding opportunities for cyclists of every shape, size, age, skill level and cycling persuasion.


We have members who race bikes with skinny tires on the road, and fat tire aficionados who love to mix it up in the mud; riders who love to cruise along a scenic beach route, and those who like to mix swimming and running with their cycling. We are old-timer weekend warriors pushing ourselves as hard as we can to cheat—just a little—the ravages of time; and we are youngsters for whom a bicycle is the first real taste of freedom.


Whether you are in need of tips and guidance preparing for your first Century ride, looking for a spirited group ride where you can build skills and camaraderie, or hoping to up your game in local races, the members of the NHBC are here to encourage and support you.


Let’s ride!!!

Our Values

Safety first!
First and foremost, we want everyone to return home safely from all of our rides and events. This means respecting the rules of the road, being visible, being in control of our machines and staying alert and attentive to our surroundings.

Having fun on bikes
Bicycles are and always will be an important tool for social and political change. While there are already plenty of organizations (whom we fully support!) working toward that end of cycling, NHBC is all about pursuing smiles. Whether riding to our favorite pizza spot, or chasing points at the local race series, we are all in it for the love of the game.

100% inclusive
NHBC is not just a club for racers. NHBC is not just a club for commuters. NHBC is not just a club for mountain bikers. NHBC is a club for everyone. Do you like bikes? So do we. Let's ride.


Our Sponsors

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