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Forum Guidelines

Last updated April 22, 2022

The purpose of our forum is to provide a space for members to talk and share information about bikes, bike rides, club matters, and other closely-related topics (please use your best judgment about what constitutes a closely-related topic). We encourage lively and open discourse and hope that the forum fosters community and friendship among our members. We also want this to be a welcoming and inclusive space for all current and potential members, so with that in mind, below are a few guidelines for posting to the forum. The NHBC board reserves the right to shut down discussion threads, delete posts, and suspend or permanently block members from posting to the forum.


But seriously - we’d prefer to never have to do any of these things.

Please treat each other well and try not to be a jerk.

  1. Please try to stick to appropriate forum topics: bikes, bike rides, club matters, and other closely-related topics. Members are also welcome to post notices or open invitations for non-ride social gatherings or events (i.e. meeting up for drinks, bike race watch parties, BBQs, etc.).

  2. When posting to the forum, please be self-aware and thoughtful, err on the side of kindness and respect, and apologize if you say something you didn’t mean to.

  3. Good-natured, respectful debates about relevant topics (such as tire size preference, rim vs. disc brakes, etc.) are welcome, but please keep things civil and know when to let an argument go. Remember, it’s just bikes!

  4. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for posts that are racist, sexist, mysoginistic, homophobic, anti-trans, anti-immigrant, or that otherwise demean or ridicule members of traditionally marginalized groups. This includes jokes, memes, and external links posted to the forum.

  5. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for harassment, stalking, intimidation, personal threats or other similar kinds of unwanted or uninvited attention directed from one member to another in the forum. If you experience such behavior from another member, please notify the NHBC board immediately.

  6. Our club includes members with a diverse array of experience and knowledge about bikes and cycling. If you’re a less experienced rider, please know that there are no wrong questions! If you’re a more experienced rider, please be generous with your knowledge and share tips and information in a non-condescending, non-pedantic way. We all have a lot of knowledge to share and can learn a lot from each other.

  7. The forum is not an appropriate venue for individual members to air or settle grievances with each other. Please keep personal disputes outside the forum.

  8. The forum includes a swap section where members are welcome to post bikes, bike parts, and other bike gear to sell, trade, or give away. Items in the swap section are posted by individual members, not NHBC, and any acquisitions made in the swap section are at your own risk. Please settle transactions for items in the swap section offline. Other than that, no soliciting in the forum.

  9. Members are welcome to post ride routes to the forum, but please note that routes posted by individual members have not necessarily been endorsed or vetted for safety by the club. You ride at your own risk when riding a route that has been posted to the forum.

  10. Absolutely no spamming.

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