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Board Meeting Minutes - Sept 12, 2022

Updated: Jan 9


  • John Varkonda

  • Josh Glaab

  • Zuhair Abdulla

  • Keith Rebhorn

  • Matt Gorham

  • Andrew Poppe

  • Tiffany Hsu (Phone)

Discussion Topics

  • Bottles: 200 have been ordered. Each member will get 1 as part of their membership. The club will sell remaining bottles to members for $8 / bottle. Distribution will be at the kit pick up party (date TBD), a potential club volunteer event (TBD) and a third yet to be defined venue.

  • Finances: We have ~$5k in our account after the bottle purchase.

  • NYC Ride: Finalize route and promote it. Consider pushing it to 10/1 with a rain date of 10/2. Need to check with Ariel for NYC. Members only ride. Will post routes this week and get concurrence on route.

  • New Haven Grand Prix: Send out an email picking a corner where we (NHBC) will be. Long term - figure out ways to 'behind the scenes' influence the race to include more women's events ~5k/hour to close roads.

  • Kits - small order likely this time - Zuhair to work on alternate kit "falling elm leaves." Likely a spring purchase. Let's ask via e-mail if there are any graphic designers in the membership to help facilitate.

  • 2023 Sponsors - we should consider starting this process sooner than later

  • Members - need more / different ways for membership engagement. Similarly, need more 'organized' group rides. Potential possibility to get the members to lead / engage in this manner. Board testing "spaces app" to see if it could be used for broader club engagement. Matt Gorham to refine ideas and provide proposal

  • Feedback - Tiffany and Keith to work on a survey / feedback for November board meeting. Intent would be to solicit member feedback to understand what went well this year, what could go better, and what went poorly.

  • Legal Advice - Board curious to understand any arising liability issues. Intent is to identify the 'correct' lawyer to work with by next board meeting.

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As a non-board member, I appreciate the transparent and concise communication



nice job, @Keith Rebhorn 😀

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